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The Foundation for Child & Family, Inc.

The foundation for Child and Family began in 1984 as Parent Anonymous in Rochester, NY. Our purpose was to find effective treatment and preventive services for child abuse and neglect. In 1994, we transferred programs to Suffolk County and continued to expand projects, interests and developing treatment programs for families affected by abuse and neglect.

To reflect the broader scope of program development, our name was changed to The Foundation for Child and Family, Inc. in 1999. With initial funding from the Jewish Communal Fund, the original psychologists and social workers from Parents Anonymous established a new office, Board of Directors and began to move forward.

The mission of The Foundation for Child and Family, Inc. is to explore and support innovative approaches for the prevention of child maltreatment, including abuse and neglect. To this end, the Foundation strives to incorporate knowledge gained through scientific research and demonstrations to actual practice in the clinical assessment and treatment, as well as the community’s response, to the problem of child maltreatment.


Barbara Burkhard, PhD

Executive Director